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Steps to Enroll at Fullerton College

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Fullerton College is here to help you by providing a supportive and inclusive environment for students to be successful learners, responsible leaders, and engaged community members.

Below are ten steps designed to help and guide students like you achieve your academic and personal goals!

1. Apply for Admission +

2. Apply for Financial Aid +

3. Complete Online Orientation +

4. Course Placement/See Counselor +

5. Update Personal Information +

6. View Registration Date +

7. Register for Classes +

8. Pay Your Fees +

9. Purchase Your Textbooks +

10. Attend Class at Fullerton College +

Add one more course!

Adding just one more course can help you qualify for additional resources like Buzzy Bucks, increase your exposure to different teaching styles and interests, and finish your degree or certificate faster! Unlock your potential and take that extra step towards success!  Find other reasons: