Getting Started at Fullerton College

Apply for Admission

Visit and complete our Online Application for your first step in becoming a Fullerton College student.

Apply for Financial Aid

Use the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form to apply for financial aid.

Visit Financial Aid for more information.

Complete Online Orientation

Orientation is intended to make your transition to Fullerton College as easy as possible.

Available online, no appointment needed

Visit Online Orientation for more information.

Course Placement

Students will need to complete the placement process prior to their enrollment in Math, English, Reading, ESL or Chemistry courses.

Please refer to the link “English, Reading, Math, and ESL Placement Guide” on the Assessment Center website for information about the placement process

Update Personal Information

Check the accuracy of your email, address, mailing address, and phone number.  Verify and update on myGateway.

View Registration Date

Registration dates are assigned approximately a month before the term begins.

Log in to myGateway to check your registration date under “Registration Tools”

Register for Classes

All class registrations are done through myGateway on your assigned date and time

Pay your fees

Fees are due when you register for classes

Pay by credit card on myGateway

Check/Money order payments can be mailed to the Fullerton College Bursar Office.

Print schedule/bill via myGateway for confirmation of registration and payment of classes.

Purchase Your Textbooks

Textbooks may be purchased at the Fullerton College Bookstore.

Visit the Bookstore for more information.

Attend Class at Fullerton College!

Fullerton College offers various ways to attend courses to fit your schedule & needs:

It is important for students to read through the comments area of the class schedule for each class section to note specific information and/or requirement for each section.
    • This class is entirely in-person with all class meetings on campus.
    • This class is fully online and does not require in-person class meetings. (maybe add the link on how to get assistance with online courses)
  • ZOOM
    • This class is scheduled similarly to an in-person class with set meeting times using Zoom, Canvas Conference, or other types of video conferencing during the scheduled class time.
  • HYBRID (Combined Online, ZOOM, and in-person)
    • This class is partially online with some required in-person class meetings on campus on specific days and times.  In-person dates are listed in the schedule. OR
    • This class is online with some instruction via Zoom, dates are listed in the schedule.