Admissions and Records

A&R Chat

Keeping your data safe!

If you engage in a chat conversation about a sensitive topic or questions regarding your personal student records, you may be asked to continue the conversation over email or zoom.


  • Monday, Wednesday, & Thursday:
    via chat & Zoom
  • Tuesday:
    via chat & Zoom
  • Friday:
    via chat & Zoom
  • Saturday & Sunday: CLOSED

* Hours subject to change without notification

Chat Tips

  • Tip 1: Online chat is available to answer general questions. For security reasons, DO NOT provide personal information such as your Student ID or Social Security Number.
  • Tip 2: Please be patient, it may take a moment to receive a response.
  • Tip 3: To open the chat box in a new window, click the arrow on the right side of the chat box.
  • Tip 4: Chat users must adhere to the Standards of Student Conduct listed in the college catalog.