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Unpaid Balance (UB) Hold FAQs

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What is a UB hold and what does it do?
An Unpaid Balance Hold, aka UB Hold, is placed on a student’s myGateway account if they owe more than $100 in fees. The UB Hold prevents students from dropping or adding a class. For students who owe less than $100, the district will not place a hold, and the student may move forward with adding and dropping classes as usual.
What can I do if I need to drop a class immediately?
How long does it take for my hold to be removed?

After a balance is paid, it could take 24 hours for a hold to be removed.

I cannot afford to pay my unpaid balance. Is there any financial support?

Many students receive financial aid and may utilize these funds to cover their unpaid balances.

Many students are eligible for state and federal aid and have not yet applied. Fullerton College Financial Aid staff are available to help students understand what aid is available. Please visit the Financial Aid website to learn more.

Will I be dropped if I have a UB Hold?

No, students with a UB Hold will not be dropped from their spring 2023 classes. However, they will be unable to add or drop classes and will be restricted from registering for future terms, such as the summer or fall, until their balance is paid.

How do I find out details about my unpaid balance?

Students will be notified by email if they have a hold. They will also see that they have a hold due to an unpaid balance in myGateway. First, click on “Student Tools.” From there students can view their hold under “View Holds” and view the amount they owe under “Pay Account Balance.”

Can I make a partial payment?

A student may make payments incrementally in myGateway, but partial payments do not remove holds until the balance falls below $100. Students may contact the Fullerton College Bursar’s Office or Admissions & Records for assistance.

Is there a payment plan available?

Fullerton College is here to help! Payment plans are now available to students who need an option for paying course and tuition fees/credit unit fees not covered by Financial Aid and/or other sources. Fullerton College is now using Nelnet as our payment plan provider!  Visit out payment plan page for more information:

What should I do if I believe my fees should had been covered by a program, such as the Promise Program or by my employer?

Students who believe a UB Hold was mistakenly applied to their account may contact Admissions & Records for assistance.

*Disney Aspire Students – DO NOT PAY FOR CLASSES if you completed all of your Disney Aspire requirements. If you are unsure about your eligibility, please contact your Disney Aspire coach at

*PROMISE STUDENTS –If you qualify, your enrollment and health fees will be paid by the Promise Waiver, but you will be responsible for paying any optional fees. If you are unsure about your Promise eligibility, or have questions regarding Promise requirements (financial aid packet, signed Promise agreement, maintained at least a 2.0 GPA/67% progress after your first year, etc.) please contact a Promise Coach via email: