K-12 Students

Mandatory Criteria

Fullerton College offers students enrolled in K-12 the opportunity to enroll in advanced scholastic or vocational work as Special Admit Students. Enrollment is for “advanced scholastic or vocational work” and NOT for pre-college level math, English and reading courses offered by local high schools. Download and print the required Special Admit Packet and the Health Services Form.

Special Admit Students will be blocked from registering until these two forms are completed and submitted to the Fullerton College Admissions and Records Office and Health Services Office, respectively.

  • Summer 2021 processing time can take up 10 business days to process.
    • Completed forms submitted to A&R by May 20th, 2021 will be processed by your registration appointment date and time
    • Forms submitted after May 20th will be completed in 10-15 business days.
  • Fall 2021 processing time can take up to 10 business days to process.
    • Completed forms submitted to A&R by August 5th, 2021 will be processed by your registration date and time.
    • Forms submitted after August 5th, 2021 will be completed in 10-15 working days.
  • All acceptable college credit courses are listed in the college catalog. Students are required to meet the stated prerequisites.
  • The Special Admit Student form must be signed by a high school principal or designee and approved by the referring high school’s Board of Trustees. The principal’s signature legally implies:
    • Courses comply with law
    • Board approval is pending or applied
  • Students not attending public school must also obtain the Fullerton College President’s or designee’s signature.
  • Student enrollment will be limited to courses authorized on the form by the Principal or designee. An administrative drop will be applied to registration in any course not listed.
  • New and Returning Students must file a regular Application for Admission in addition to the required Special Admit forms. If you are a new or returning student (not currently enrolled), you must submit an application for admission online. Note – the Matriculation form is included in the online application – you need only print the Special Admit Student Form and Health Services “Consent To Treat Minor Patient” Form from this page.
  • Continuing Students must file a new Special Admit Student form, Health Services form, and Matriculation form every semester. If you are currently enrolled as a Special Admit Student, be sure to submit the required forms prior to your registration date.

Special Admit Students may not enroll in ESL, English,or Reading classes below 100 level, or in Math classes below 40 level. Some classes may require Division Dean approval. Ref. AP 5011 (.pdf)