Admissions and Records

Academic Renewal

The Academic Renewal Procedure (51318, California Administrative Code) permits the alleviation of students’ previously recorded substandard academic performance which is not reflective of a student’s present demonstrated ability and level of performance. As a consequence, Academic Renewal may gain for students the benefits of their current level of ability and performance and not permanently penalize them for poor performance in the past.

Therefore, within the regulations listed, Fullerton College may disregard particular previously recorded substandard work from a student’s cumulative grade point average.

The regulations for course alleviation follow

  1. Only units taken at Fullerton College may be alleviated, not units taken from another college(s). The maximum number of units that may be alleviated is 24.
  2. A minimum of twelve (12) units must be completed at any accredited college or university, with a grade point average of 2.5 in all units since the last semester of requested renewal.
  3. A minimum of 12 months must have elapsed since the most recent coursework to be alleviated was recorded.
  4. Courses that meet the present educational goals of the students and are appropriate for repetition may be exempt from consideration for alleviation.
  5. Courses used in awarding an Associate Degree cannot be alleviated.
  6. A student may be granted academic renewal only once and is irreversible once posted to the transcript.
  7. Academic renewal by Fullerton College does not guarantee that other institutions outside the District will approve such action. This determination will be made by the respective transfer institutions.
  8. Only substandard grades (D, F, NC) can be alleviated.

Application for Academic Renewal

To apply for Academic Renewal, students must complete the petition form in the Admissions and Records Office. Official transcripts of all academic work (from all accredited schools) must be on file in the Admissions and Records Office at the time of request for Academic Renewal.

Recording of Academic Renewal

When academic work is alleviated, grades are not removed. They are noted and subtracted from the grade point average. All entries remain legible so that a true and complete record is maintained. There is no assurance that alleviated courses will be treated similarly by other educational institutions outside the District.