Admissions and Records

Exclude Failing Grades

If a student previously received a “D”, “F”, “NC” or “NP” in a course taken at Fullerton College and repeats the same course, the student may file a Course Repeat Adjustment Request to exclude the substandard grade(s). On repetition, the last grade earned will count towards the grade point average and the previous grade(s) will be discounted or forgiven. Only the first two substandard grades within North Orange County Community College District (NOCCCD) may be excluded in GPA calculations. The student’s permanent academic record will be annotated such that all course work that has been taken and forgiven or repeated will remain legible, ensuring a true and complete academic history.

Courses that are deemed comparable based on a matching C-ID number may not be used to exclude a substandard grade of another course.

Fullerton College reserves the right to adjust repeated courses without the Course Repeat Adjustment Request Form before processing any student-initiated petitions, graduation applications, and/or GE certification requests.

Refer to the College Catalog for complete information.

Course Repeat Adjustment Request- Request to Exclude “D” or “F” Grades” Form