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Anti-Racism Statement

Fullerton College affirms that Black Lives Matter and commits to an anti-racist paradigm.

We acknowledge that systems of higher education were built on tenets of White Supremacy, racism, and associated values. These tenets continue to exist in our society and in our College. For too long this racist ideology has been intricately woven in policies, pedagogy, and common practices for serving students. Further, systems of racism and inequity shape the lived experiences of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous or People Of Color) students, faculty, and staff.

These truths impact our institutional culture and prevent us from actualizing the Fullerton College vision to transform lives and inspire positive change in the world. To fully realize this vision, we must dismantle anti-blackness and systemic racism. It is from this understanding that we pledge the following:

We Shall

black lives matter lettering
  • Engage in critical reflection to identify how anti-Blackness and racism are perpetuated in our practices, policies, and beliefs.
  • Infuse into and support cultural relevance into our pedagogies, actions, policies, and beliefs.
  • Devise a comprehensive strategy for addressing anti-Blackness and racism.
  • Lift Black voices and provide affirmation, support and resources for students, faculty and staff.
  • Enhance support for our students, faculty, and staff who are experiencing pain or trauma related to racial injustice.
  • Challenge and revise policies and practices to honor the dignity of each student, faculty, and staff.
  • Strengthen our efforts to recruit and hire Black, Indigenous, and People of Color in all areas of the college.
  • Create a culture in which Black, indigenous, and People of Color receive ongoing support to thrive and advance professionally.
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We stand together in this journey for equity and justice and must continually educate ourselves on best practices in anti-racism work to embody the change we are hoping to enact. We call on our colleagues to endorse this statement, mindful that such an endorsement carries with it the responsibility to engage in anti-racism work every day. Collectively, we believe that our contributions and commitments will ensure that past, current, and future Hornets are all equally proud to call Fullerton College home.