Admissions and Records

Priority Registration

(Title 5 Ed Code 58108, AB2881 SEC. 3. Section 66025.81)

Requirements for priority registration

New and Returning Students

An online application for admissions must be submitted by the following:

  • First-time students who have never registered for classes at Fullerton or Cypress College.
  • Former students returning after an absence of two or more terms who have previously attended and received a grade, W, or EW.

To qualify for priority registration, new students MUST complete the following:

  • Online Orientation – completed in myGateway
  • Assessment – completed via high school transcript in the Fullerton College Assessment Center or through a counselor
  • Student Education Plan – completed with a counselor

Student with previous Bachelor Degree

  • A student with a previous bachelor’s degree is not eligible for Levels 1 and 2 of priority registration but may be prioritized by completing the priority registration petition to be placed after Levels 1 and 2 .
Continuing Students

Students enrolled in a course for the previous primary semester (Fall or Spring) and will receive a grade or a “W” are considered Continuing Students for the upcoming semester and may qualify for priority registration.

To qualify for priority registration, continuing students MUST:

  • Not have exceeded 100 units (not including units in basic English, Math, or ESL.)
  • Be in good academic standing:
    • Not have been academically dismissed
    • Not have been on probationary status for two consecutive terms

If the above requirements have been met, registration appointments will be based on units/hours earned at both Fullerton and Cypress Colleges. Having attended both institutions requires adding units/hours earned from both colleges.

Number of units/hours earned can be determined by viewing your Unofficial transcript.

Please read the above requirements, this petition is a formal request for an exemption to Registration Enrollment Procedures (Title 5 Ed Code 58108). A student may appeal the loss of priority enrollment status due to extenuating circumstances beyond the control of the student. All petitions will be reviewed by the Director of Admissions and Records and/or Fullerton College admissions supervisor. A decision will be emailed to you within 10 working days. A current education plan must be on file prior to submitting this petition.

Priority Registration Based on Student Parent Status

Based on AB2881 (SEC. 3. Section 66025.81) “Student Parent” priority registration, student parents qualify for priority registration if they meet the qualifying criteria: they are a student with a child under 18 years of age who will receive more than half of their support.

As prescribed by FERPA-The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, all information submitted in this affidavit will be held strictly confidential. All affidavits will be reviewed by the Director of Admissions and Records and/or Fullerton College admissions supervisor. A confirmation of the processing of this affidavit will be emailed to you within 1 to 2 working days.