Fees & Refund Policy

Required Fees

Health Fee
$21.00 per term (Fall & Spring)
$18.00 per Summer (for entire Summer term)

Enrollment Fee*
$46.00 per unit

Non-Resident Tuition
$331 per unit PLUS enrollment fees (Non-Resident Tuition includes $57.00 Capital Outlay fee per Ed Code 76141)**

Course Fee (if applicable)
Fees is as shown in current class schedule under course title

Student Representation Fee

OCT Bus Pass Program

Transportation Fee (Spring 2021)

  • Full time 12+ Units $5.75
  • Less than 12 Units $5.00

For more information regarding the mandatory transportation fee visit https://studentlife.fullcoll.edu/fc-pass-program/

*Enrollment fee waived for CCPG (Formerly BOGG) recipients and Special Admit Students in grades 9-12.

**The Non-Resident Capital Outlay Fee can be waived if the student can establish financial hardship. The Non-Resident Capital Outlay Waiver request form and required documentation must be submitted to the Admissions & Records Office in order to determine if you qualify.

Optional Fees

Campus Photo ID Card

Campus Photo ID Replacement Card
$3.50 per replacement

Associated Students Benefits
$12.00 per term (Fall & Spring)
$6.00 (Summer)

Parking Fee (Automobiles)
$40.00 per term (Fall & Spring)
$20.00 (Summer)

Parking Fee for CCPG (formerly BOGG) Fee Waiver Recipients
$30.00 per term (Fall & Spring)
$20.00 (Summer)

Parking Fee (Motorcycles)
$20.00 per term (Fall & Spring)
$10.00 per term (Summer)

Refund Deadlines

(Pursuant to Section 58508 of Subchapter 6 of Chapter 9 of Division 6, Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations)

Enrollment, Health and Non-Resident Tuition Fees

Full Term Classes
Refundable if dropped on or before applicable deadline dates (refer to class schedule for exact dates).

Short Term Classes
Refundable if dropped by 10% point of length of course. (Refer to the comment line under CRN in the class schedule).

Associated Student Benefits
Refer to the class schedule for exact dates. If within the refund deadline, contact the A.S. Office to request a refund.

Campus Photo ID Card
Refer to the class schedule for exact dates. Non-refundable if card has been produced. If card has not been produced, and within the refund deadline, contact the A.S. Office to request a refund.

Parking Permit
Refer to the class schedule for exact dates and details. (Return parking permit with photo ID and Student Schedule/Bill receipt to Campus Safety Office.)

Obtaining Refunds

All refunds will be mailed by check approximately 6-8 weeks after the term has begun.

Fees paid by credit card will not be credited back to the account.

A processing fee of $10.00 per term will be deducted from enrollment fee refunds.

Exemptions from the processing fee are:

  • students with a fee waiver
  • students with a canceled class
  • students who were administratively dropped from a class