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Registration with College Scheduler

College Scheduler is a super helpful app for Fullerton College students. Imagine you’re in college, and you have to pick your classes for the semester. This app makes it really easy. It shows you all the available classes and helps you create a schedule that works for you.

You can see which classes are offered and when, so you can pick the ones that fit your schedule best. It even helps you avoid signing up for classes that overlap or happen at the same time.

If you have specific teachers you like or certain days and times you prefer for classes, it can take all of that into account and help you find the perfect schedule.

And when it’s time to sign up for your classes, it makes that part a breeze too. So, College Scheduler is like your trusty sidekick for planning and signing up for classes in college.

1) Add Courses & Breaks

For your selected term

2) Generate Schedules

All possible conflict free schedules

3) Send to Shopping Cart

On the view schedule screen, click “Send to Shopping Cart”.​

4) Register

From the Shopping Cart, click ”Register” to finalize registration. ​

5) View Charges

Click “View Charges” to add optional fees (student ID, ASB, etc) and pay enrollment fees

Log in using your student ID and myGateway password to try College Scheduler ↓

Take a look at available classes without logging in ↓

Watch How-to Use College Scheduler videos to learn how to search for and register for classes in College Scheduler.