Excused Withdrawal Policy COVID 19

We understand that many of our students continue to face challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, we are here to help.  Faculty, staff, and administration at Fullerton College are here to support you.

The Excused Withdrawal may impact your educational and transfer plans.  We encourage you to speak to a counselor. They can advise you on your best options toward degree/certificate completion and transfer.  https://vpss.fullcoll.edu/student-services-remote/

Financial Aid Students – The Excused Withdrawal may impact students receiving financial aid.  If you are a financial aid recipient, we strongly encourage you to contact the Financial Aid Office, there are options to appeal for future semesters.  Go to https://financialaid.fullcoll.edu/staff.html

Please visit the following link for more information regarding student resources: https://vpss.fullcoll.edu/student-services-remote/

Questions regarding excused withdrawals please visit: https://admissions.fullcoll.edu/extenuating-circumstances-petition/