Online Registration

Online Registration is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!
(NOTE: myGateway may be periodically unavailable during system upgrades or hardware maintenance)

Refer to the Calendar of Important Dates section for specific information concerning registration for each term.

Continuing Students will be assigned appointments based on units/hours earned at Fullerton and Cypress Colleges.

New and Returning Students will be issued a "Appointment to Register " by e-mail, which is based on the date the application for admission was received.

Please be sure to have your most current e-mail address on file with Fullerton College, otherwise you risk missing important registration updates and information.

E-mail address changes are done in myGateway. After you log into the myGateway system, click on the Student Tab, and click "Update E-Mail Addresses".

General definitions and policies regarding registration can be found in the Fullerton College Class Schedule. For information regarding registration holds, refer to the chart listed below.


Hold Definition College Office to Contact
A1/A2 Admissions Info Required CC/FC Admissions & Records
B1/B2 Special Admit Student CC/FC Admissions & Records
C1 Disciplinary Cypress Dean of Counseling
C2 Disciplinary Fullerton Dean of Student Services
D1/D2 Scholastic Dismissal CC/FC Admissions & Records
F1/F2 Financial Aid CC/FC Financial Aid
I 1 International Student Cypress Admissions & Records
I 2 International Student Fullerton International Student Center
L1/L2 Library Materials/Fees CC/FC Library
M1/M2 Bursar CC/FC Bursar
O1/O2 Accounts Receivable CC/FC Bursar
UB Unpaid Balance CC/FC Bursar or Admissions & Records

CC = Cypress College
FC = Fullerton College




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