Join the Admissions & Records Virtual Line for In-Person Assistance

Avoid waiting in line at the Admissions & Records office with the QLess system. This system allows you to save your spot in line while giving you the opportunity to do other important things. You can add yourself to the A&R line by using one of the methods below.


Text (310) 494-2718 with the message "FCA" to get in line for the Admissions & Records office.

You will receive a text when you reach the front of the line. This text will prompt you to go to the Admissions & Records front counter for assistance.

Additional Text Commands:
S - Status update
L - Leave the line
H - Help

Add yourself to the A&R line by using the Qless Widget:

1. Click the "Join This Line" button
2. Enter your cell phone number
3. Click "OK"


Note: If the widget does not load, try using the following link:









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